Applications of DC Contactor

DC contactors are designed for switching DC current, DC circuit insolation and circuit protection.  High-voltage DC contactors can be widely used in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, DC charging station, photovoltaic / wind energy generation systems, cloud server power, battery charging and discharging systems, UPS, AGVs, golf carts, Medical equipment, construction equipment and construction machinery, floor heating systems, DC voltage power control and mechanical equipment.

DC Contactor Application in EV/Electric Vehicle

we offer large selection of EV contactor , recommend as below:

  • Main contactor EVQ250, EVQ600, EVH200, EVH300, used for power battery output.
  • Fast-charge contactor EVQ200, EVH200, used for DC fast charge circuit control of power battery.
  • Pre-charge contactor EVQ50, EVH40, control the load pressure main circuit.
  • Slow-charge contactor EVQ50, EVH40, used for power batter AC slow charge control.
  • DC/DC, PTC, air pump, defogging, defrosting, steering, brake and other auxiliary part circuit control: EVQ30, EVQ50, EVH40, etc.
main cotactor for Electric Vehicles

DC Contactor Application in DC Charging Station

Our 12-900V DC contactor is the best choice for DC charging station, it supports with high performance and competitive price.

It is used as a safety protection to cut off the main circuit during charging, when failure occurs. Recommend EVQ350 (12-150KW), EVQ250 (90KW), EVQ150 (45-60KW) , EVQ100, EVQ100SD/double set of contacts (30KW).

DC Contactor for EV Charging station

DC Contactor Application in Solar Power Generation and ESS

DC contactors play an important role for safety in photovoltaic power generation and energy storage system. In the event of disaster like fire or failure occurs, DC contactor can cut off the DC load to protect the system. It also ensure the efficiency of system, and save maintenance costs as remote control.

Power contactor for energy storage system and power system