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As a leading manufacturer of DC contactor, HOTSON supplies the most complete and extensive range of hermetically sealed DC contactors on the market. Thanks to our proven innovative technology, we provide DC contactors from 12VDC to 1500VDC, and safely bearing continuous current from 10amps to 600amps. Our DC contactors are widely used in EV/electric vehicle, charging station/charging pile, UPS, energy storage, solar/wind power equipment and other DC power applications.

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Richest Selection of DC contactors for Your DC applications

Hermetically sealed DC contactors
12VDC to 450VDC

DC Relay for low rapid vehicles

This ZJQ Series is designed to switch DC loads from 10A to 350A, rated voltage 12-450VDC. It’s the most cost-saving series. Available with bi-directional contacts/polarized or non-polarized, auxiliary contacts, coil voltage 12V, 24V. It’s suitable for low speed EV, Golf-cart, forklift, etc.

Epoxy sealed DC contactors
12VDC to 900VDC

DC Contactor for photovoltaic, wind power and energy storage system

This EVQ Series is the most cost-effective and best-selling series, with the richest specifications for you to choose. Up to 600 amps continuous current available with auxiliary contact, surely optional with polarized or non-polarized main contact, 12V, 24V, 48V coil with PWM.

Ceramic sealed DC contactors
12VDC to 1500VDC

High voltage DC contactor-EVH Series

Excellent performance EVH series supports best electrical and mechanical endurances, available from 40amp to 400amp. Ceramic sealed technology enables quick arc-extinguish, and capable of withstanding heat and vibration in harsh environment with no oxidation or contamination.

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TOP Quality DC contactors to Boom Your Business

Every unit DC contactor you get from HOTSON is safe, reliable and durable.
HOTSON factory has passed the latest Automotive Industry Standard IATF16949 and ISO9001 quality certification system. All DC contactors have passed CCC and CE certification, RoHs compliant, and part of them also passed UL certification.

Excellent Features of our DC Contactors

*High Current High Voltage

Switch continuous DC loads from 10amps to 600amp, rated voltage from 12Vdc to 1500Vdc

*Compact Size, Light Weight

Up to 600amps rated current with compact size, save space and weight, low noise

*Hermetically Sealed

Epoxy or Ceramic sealed, filled with Nitrogen or Hydrogen, quick arc-blowout

*Energy Saving Coil

Coil with PWM, low drive current, coil voltage from 12VDC, 24VDC to 72VDC

*High Safety and Reliability

Stable contact resistance, work in harsh environment from -46C to +85C

*No Position Sensitive

Bottom mounted or side mounted any position easy for your application

*Bi-directional Switching

Main contact offers with polarity and non-polarity

*Auxiliary Contacts

Convenient detection and monitoring, even 600amps contactor with auxiliary contact

Customize DC Contactor for Your Unique Requirements Easily

Besides over 100 P/Ns of standard DC contactors, we provide the most suitable solutions for your application. Different parameters, bi-directional, NO or NC auxiliary contact, bus-bar style, PC Board style, coil wire with connectors installed, optional with TE connectors, SUMITOMO connectors, JST connectors, etc. you name it, we have an independent product line for installing coil wire connectors.
Over 10 years DC contactor manufacturing experience, a strong R & D team, and modern intelligent production equipment, we deeply understand your various DC applications.

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Some of Our Customized DC Contactors

Special Designed Double Sets of contacts

PCB Mountable DC Contactor

DC contactor 100amps double set

*Double sets of 100amp DC contact inside

*Simple connecting, no mess of wires

*Space Saving

*2 No Auxiliary contacts


DC contactor PCB Mountable

*Rated voltage 12-900Vdc

*100A continuous current

*Available with polarized and non-polarized main contact

*Optional auxiliary contact

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