Ceramic Sealed HV DC contactors– 12-1500V DC Contactors



EVH400 400A High Performance High Current DC Contactor, DC 12-1500V, contactor coil available with 12V/24V [...]



EVH300 300A dc rated HV contactor, 12-1500Vdc, continuous current 300 amps, 12V/24V coil. [...]



EVH250 battery car parts 250A DC contactor, DC 12-1500V, 12V/24V coil voltage. High [...]



EVH200 200A high performance ev contactor, DC 12-1500V, 12/24V coil High voltage DC [...]



EVH40 40A reliable DC contactor, DC 12-1500V, 12V/24V coil High voltage DC contactor, [...]

How to choose the right DC contactors for my application? 12-1500V DC Contactors Part Number System.

How to choose the right DC contactors? Which one means di-directional/ non-polarity,  What is the coil voltage of DC contactors? Below table will help you to understand our 12-1500V DC contactors P/Ns system in detail, it helps you to choose the exact one for your DC switching applications.

12-1500V DC contactor PN System

Recommend DC Contactor Installation Torque and Connection Mode

When installing DC contactors, please noted the screw locking torque, and be sure to use washer to prevent screws from loosening. Screw tightening torque is specified below, damage may occur when exceeding the maximum torque.

12-1500V DC contactor screw torque

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