Project Description

Battery Contactor-EVQ135


135A battery car parts high voltage contactor, DC 12-900V, 12V/24V coil

High voltage DC contactor, normally open (SPST-NO), 135 amps rated load current, available with 12V or 24V coils.
It’s widely used in charging station, EV, HEV, photovoltaic, energy storage, AGV, UPS, etc.

  • Epoxy sealed.
  • Magnetic arc blowout.
  • Compact design, low noise.
  • Bi-directional, optional with polarized or non-polarized contact.
  • Optional auxiliary contact.
  • CE, CCC and RoHS compliant.

EVQ Series Contactors can switch DC loads at both low and high voltage from 12 to 900VDC. These hermetically sealed contactors can be mounted in any position, can be used in nearly any harsh environment at temperatures from –40°C to 85°C. They are the preferred contactor (sometimes called a relay ) for electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles,heavy trucks and equipment, busses, emergency vehicles, boats, LRT, mining,  power management systems for battery charging, fuel cells, battery backup, photovoltaic, wind and wave power systems where long life and high reliability are needed.All EVQ Series contactors meet RoHS and CE,CCC Conformance requirements.

Contact arrangementSPST-NO
Main contact ParameterRated load voltage (Ue)12-900Vdc
Rated load current1-135A
Max continuous themal current200A 360sec
300A 60sec
Max.switching current 1 time only1000A 320Vdc
General DataInitial contact resistance1mΩ Max.(at 1A)
operate time(at 20℃)25ms Max.
Bounce time(at 20℃)7ms Max.
Release time(at 20℃)12ms Max.
Electricity lifeWith polarityDC450V,1x104times
Without polarityDC450V,1x103times
Mechanical Life1 ×106
InsulationInsulation resistanceInitial:100MΩ Min.
Life End: 50MΩ Min.
Dielectric strengthcoil to contactAC 2500 Vrms/1mA/1min.(At sea level)
contact to contactAC 2500 Vrms/1mA/1min.(At sea level)
Mechanical functionShock resistance20Gpeak value,11ms 1/2sinusoid(coil power setup)
Vibration resistance20Gpeak value,80~2,000Hz,sinusoid
Coil parameterNominal voltage6-72Vdc
Coil Power (W)5.54W @ 12Vdc
Coil polarityNon
Auxiliary contact option
Mounting & ConnectionsM5 Female screw thread
Environmental parameterAmbient Temperature-40~+85℃
Relative Humidity5~95% RH.
Dimension53.7 x 41.1 x 59.4 mm
Weight ( g )190 ± 10g

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