Where to find new energy products and technologies? Focus on “Osaka International Smart Energy Week”

In recent years, the deteriorating environment and increasingly urgent energy demand have forced people to pay attention to and reflect on the current global energy use! Global carbon emissions are climbing up and down. Through “throttle”, it can only cure the symptoms. “Open source” can cure the problem. Only true zero emissions can solve the problem fundamentally. Fortunately, the large-scale development and utilization of new energy sources will provide solid technical support and industrial foundation for the future economic and social development. But the real question is, how can we use energy efficiently and intelligently in the broad new energy prospects and get out of the long-term path of sustainable development?

In this context, the 7th Osaka International Smart Energy Week (World Smart Energy Week Osaka 2019), hosted by Reed Exhibitions Japan, Japan’s largest exhibition organizer, will be held on September 25-27. It was held at the INTEX International Exhibition Center in Osaka.
As Japan’s largest new energy application and emerging market professional exhibition, this “Osaka International Smart Energy Week” is mainly composed of five major energy and energy related sub-themes, including photovoltaic, lithium battery, biomass energy, smart grid and thermal power generation. It is expected to attract more than 520 exhibitors and more than 30,000 visitors from all over the world.

Osaka International Smart Energy Week

Behind the continuous growth of carbon emissions, global warming is becoming more and more serious. The development and use of new energy sources can not only alleviate environmental degradation, ensure the living environment of human beings, but also ensure the sustainable development of the future economy and society. Therefore, this international smart energy week will bring together new energy-related products and technologies such as photovoltaics, biomass energy, batteries, energy-saving technologies, power transmission, power distribution devices, and thermal power generation technologies, so that friends who visit the exhibition can learn about the latest products. And technology.
During the exhibition, the organizers will invite leading figures from well-known companies in more than 90 related industries such as Kansai Electric Power, Mitsubishi Electric, and Asahi Kasei to give a wonderful speech to help customers understand the market and grasp the latest trends in the industry. (All presentations are in Japanese)

Osaka International Smart Energy Week

The exhibition period is approaching, the exhibitor list and special exhibits are now online, photovoltaic management, photovoltaic construction, EV technology, energy storage systems, virtual power plants and other energy-related products and technologies will be exhibited as highlights of the exhibition, among other things. Japan’s cutting-edge technology is waiting for you to explore.